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Colour names ENG vs FRE

Posted: 2019-11-19, 10:32
by Lutrinae
Hello :)

I've always been really into colours, and I like to call them by their different shades instead of just blue/green/yellow, etc.

It's already an issue sometimes in my own language because people beg to differ about what are the names but it's worst when I want to find the equivalent, for example in english!

I was looking for the equivalent of maroon, and if I look at any online dictionary it gives me bordeaux.

But bordeaux's equivalent is supposed to be burgundy. And when I looked more in details I found out that bordeaux/burgundy is red + purple while maroon is red + brown.

Anyone has an idea of what would be the translation of maroon in french then? Or we might not have a name for that color?

EDIT: And we already use marron to designate any kind of brown, even though it comes from the fruit color and it would be a good match XD

Re: Colour names ENG vs FRE

Posted: 2019-11-19, 11:06
by france-eesti
Hi Lutrinae!
Bordeaux is more specific. Bordeaux is indeed redish, not so brown.
Maroon is marron, simply. But brown is also marron.
I know brown should be "brun" but we don't use it except for hair and bears :lol:

Voici un nuancier :D

Re: Colour names ENG vs FRE

Posted: 2019-11-19, 14:41
by Lutrinae
Yes that's what I was saying, that since we use marron for brun (brown) it doesn't seem that we have a word for that specific tint of brown that is maroon. I am not sure if it's clear :lol:

And all dictionaries are translating maroon as bordeaux which seems incorrect to me.

PS: J'adore le nuancier :blush: