Favorite French Authors

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Favorite French Authors

Postby ittolaja » 2016-03-31, 2:43

Hi All! I looked through the Forum (I admit, just the first two pages) of French to see if there was a topic like this, but couldn't find any.

I'm reading a lot of French atm, and I have some favorite authors, but I wondered if anyone else had some good tips on what to read :-) My current favorites are Fred Vargas and Jean-Christophe Rufin. However, I'm not very familiar with French prose in general, so not sure if I'm missing out on other spectacular authors. :D

I'm halfway through Vargas' books, I think they're very witty and thought through. For anyone not familiar with this author, she writes police thrillers, and has won a lot of awards with them. I like the stories and the characters. They're "special" but not too stereotypical. Furthermore the plots are very well thought out in my opinion.

I also read a few books by Rufin, one is an ecothriller called "Le Parfum d'Adam" and "Rouge Brésil" which I must say are a bit apart in writing style (the ecothriller is a lot easier to read for someone not fluent in French yet).

I've read books of other French authors as well, also classical authors like Balzac, Zola and Maupassant, but as said these are my favorites.
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