Does anybody know "Francais interactif"? What about YouTube Channel "Imagiers" ?

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Does anybody know "Francais interactif"? What about YouTube Channel "Imagiers" ?

Postby PapaEmeritus » 2016-03-05, 1:51


I am planning on learning French on my own. I have discovered several resources, among them a virtual textbook called "Francais Interactif" by the University of Texas ( and

Does anybody know if it's a good resource? Can you give me advice on how to implement it? I plan on doing one unit per month and complement it with Le Point de Fle exercises, French readings and Imagiers videos (

I plan to reach at least B1 or B2 with those resources. Is it possible?

Thank you very much,


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Re: Does anybody know "Francais interactif"? What about YouTube Channel "Imagiers" ?

Postby Ífaradà » 2016-03-07, 23:00

Je te recommende l'application Dulingo, le baladodiffusion (podcast) qui s'appelle Coffee Break French et aussi le livre Alter Ego.

J'ai les Alter Egos de niveau A1 et A2. Ils sont seulement en français. C'est le meilleure pour mieux apprendre. J'avais A1 il y a un mois, maintenant j'ai A2. J'avais commencé quand je ne savais rien.

Aujourd'hui, j'ai essayé d'apprendre le subjonctif, mais ça c'est un pea difficile parce qu'il n'existe pas dans ma langue maternelle. Un concept inconnu pour moi. Le français - une langue il faut apprendre, bien sûr.

Quoi qu'il arrive, essayez Alter Ego et Coffee Break French.
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Re: Does anybody know "Francais interactif"? What about YouTube Channel "Imagiers" ?

Postby yanis » 2017-03-30, 17:17

The University of Texas website looks pretty good but at first sight the videos seem a a bit advanced if you're a complete beginner, you probably need to have at least some knowledge of French to understand them. The Youtube video you mentioned looks quite compehensive, personally though I'd prefer the teaching language itself to be French rather than English. Also, I don't think I'd have the patience required to sit through a 4 hours video... But if you do, I'm sure you will learn quite a bit from it. If your goal is to learn French speaking (spoken language as opposed to written, grammar, litterature etc) then you might want to try which is a library of short videos with everyday dialogues in common life situations, each with a set of practice videos. But again it focuses only listening and speaking, no writing and no grammar, so it all depends on what you're looking for.

Best of luck with your learning !

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