French course - Le cours de français

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Re: French course - Le cours de français

Postby Marah » 2014-07-15, 19:40

Je viens de trouver cette image qui explique les situations où l'on doit tutoyer et celles où l'on doit vouvoyer, je pense que ça pourra en aider quelques uns. :mrgreen:

Ils auraient du rajouter une case pour internet: les gens s'y tutoient la grande majorité du temps. ... story.html
Par exemple, l'enfant croit au Père Noël. L'adulte non. L'adulte ne croit pas au Père Noël. Il vote.

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Re: French course - Le cours de français

Postby KelliAnn » 2015-11-12, 22:23

I've been reading through this thread and, frankly, I'm totally bemused. What exactly is the point of the thread? There are many free resources available on-line that teach beginning French. And these by people who are native speakers or have attained a near-native level. If I were a beginner, I would find the numerous errors in this thread my first clue to look elsewhere for the information. A very important trait to develop is to understand when you are not qualified to teach a topic.

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Re: French course - Le cours de français

Postby vijayjohn » 2016-01-08, 6:31

My (vague) understanding is that back when this thread was created, UniLang was intended to be used as some kind of online university, so maybe this was supposed to be a French course that was part of that. However, the forum that was also part of UniLang ended up becoming by far the most popular part of UniLang, so maybe some of the old courses were moved to the forum so that people could ask any burning questions they had about anything there, or something like that. The rest of these courses I believe are in the "resource archive."

I don't know how much of this I may have gotten wrong (all of it?? :silly:), so I hope somebody who knows about all this better comes along and gives you a better answer. :lol:

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