Allors ! Est-ce que veux-tu aider au parler en francais?

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Allors ! Est-ce que veux-tu aider au parler en francais?

Postby MonsieurMoi » 2013-04-11, 19:21

Hi the title was something quick, i did not check for grammar or spelling so please let me know if i mess up (which i did)

hi im Jonathan (18 yrs old),

I also would love to undertake this opportunity. However, i have a small question. Are we simply engaging in throughout full text-based sentences or full on conversation through chats phone? Im curious because im mostly interested in improving my sentence based structure and grammar through text chat.

I took French 1 and French 2 my Freshman and Sophmore year of high school (Currently Senior). So obviously as states i have a great vass knowledge in the beginner french and see myself in a early Intermediate level. However, due to the lack of time i havent been having, i might be a little rusty on simple stuff.

My Skype is AndreeU17

please add me, it be a great experience for me to converse with someone who is a native speaker and increase my little knowledge. Thank You

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