Segol before geminates?

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Segol before geminates?

Postby squee100 » 2020-02-06, 0:54

Looking through Strong's Concordance, I can't find any examples of words with a segol (a short vowel) before a geminate (letter with dagesh). Are there any such words (aside from the vowel's name)? If so, can you please give me an example? If not, why not?

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Re: Segol before geminates?

Postby HoneyBuzzard » 2020-02-07, 2:59

Seghol + geminate occurs in conjugated forms and forms with enclitics, e.g., ʾettənénnâ "I will give it" (Gen. 13:17). In stems original /i/ is the source of seghol, and stressed /i/ in closed syllables (including syllables closed by geminates) became /a/ (baṯ < *bint-) or open (ṣéḏeq < *ṣidq-), and unstressed /i/ in closed syllables remained unchanged (tišʿâ). Grammatical morphemes and clitics show some additional processes, so you still get forms like first person ʾe- in closed syllables in conjugated forms, like the above, and then you also get loans like Nebuchadnezzar (-eṣṣar).

If there are any exceptions in the native stems, I don't know them. They should all follow the above rules for closed syllables.

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