Need help translating!

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Need help translating!

Postby Urhi34 » 2019-04-06, 3:25

Hello! I’m Urhi and I am currently learning Hebrew. One of my friends birthday is coming up and I want to make a painting for her with her “motto” on it, or her favourite saying- it’s “We lived, bitch!” :oops: It’s crude but we re both Jewish and family of Holocaust survivors so we use it often. I’d like to know how to spell it in Hebrew so I can paint it for her, if anyone would mind helping me?

Thank you for your time,


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Re: Need help translating!

Postby Drink » 2019-04-07, 13:28

I think the best word for "we lived" in this context is "שרדנו". I'm not sure what word to use for bitch. I don't know if כלבה is used in a positive sense like this. But if it is, you could say "שרדנו, יא כלבה".
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