Persian-speaking pronunciation?

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Persian-speaking pronunciation?

Postby squee100 » 2019-01-12, 0:41

Do Persian Jews retain vowel length distinctions? Mainstream Persian seems to but some (though not all) of the little I can find on Judeo-Persian languages suggests that vowel length is not present.

In addition, קמץ גדול is evidently pronounced [ɔ] and פתח [a], but in mainstream Persian long a is [ɒː] and short a is [æ]. [ɔ] and [a] are closer to Tajik, and I have read that Judeo-Persian is a form of Tajik, but I can't see that being where Iran's Jews came from.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but in length-preserving Sephardi dialects, isn't פתח pronounced [aː] in open and/or stressed syllables thanks to lengthening that had happened by Tiberian times I can't see it ever being [ɔ] or [ɒː] in the Persian-speaking pronunciation. Of course, it's possible that such a realization for קמץ גדול was informed by the Tiberian notation.

What about חולם and קמץ קטן? Are they both [ɔ]? Both [o]? חולם [o] and קמץ קטן [ɔ]?

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