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Please can someone tell me where I can find a list of verbs and their relevant prepositions. I can find prepositions but not the verbs that go with them.

Many thanks.

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Re: PREPOSITIONS - מילת יחס

Postby Starbeam » 2019-09-09, 19:42

I've been wondering about this too, so i decided to try and survey some verbs for this, barring some obsolete words and words that use the same prepositional construxion in English. Be aware no list i could make would be exhaustive or 100% accurat, as i'm not a nativ speaker. All of this is from Wiktionary.

The gloss lists the verbs in the plain infinitiv for the verbs, which is an archaic form in Hebrew. The prepositions are always uninflected.

Hebrew construxion: English meaning

בוא ל: want
בוז ל: despize
בעוט ב: kick
גבול ב: border (of a place)
דואג ל: worry about
דחות ל: repulse; reject, push aside
דון ל: discuss
יצאת ל: get (the result of) (as in mathematics)
ירדת על: lambast, criticize
חרות ל: be wroth (dated)
חלוק על: disagree
כעוס ל: be angry at
לחוץ על: click
מאוס ב: be fed up with (flowery)
מת על: be crazy for
מלאת ל: reach (some age in one's life)
מנוע מן: prevent
נפול על: stumble on (meet unexpectedly)
משול ב: govern
נגוע ב: lay a hand on, touch
נשוק ל: kiss (literary)
תת ל: give, allow
סבול מן: suffer, suffer from
סלוח ל: forgive, excuze
עזור ל: help
עוז ל: strengthen
עוז על: prevail
עמוד ל: be about to
ערוג ל: yearn for
פגוע ב: injur, hurt
קום ב: testify, accuze
קום על: become in charge; initiate an attack
קרוא ל: call, be named
שרד ב: survive
שלט ב: rule, reign

And some verbal phrases or whatever they're called. The plus sign indicates the last part must be inflected for person. I've added the literal translation in italicized parentheses.

בוא בימים: be very old (come with days)
הלוך לאבוד: become lost, disappear (go to the oblivion)
+הלוך לעולם: die, pass away (go to the world)
יצאת מהארון: come out of the closet (exit from the closet)
ירדת גשם: rain (fall rain)
נפול למשקב: get very sick (stumble on illness)
שֹאת ותת: do business, negotiate, argue (bear and give)
+עשות את של: do one's part (do one's [own])
פשוט את הרגל: become bankrupt (extend one's leg
+שאל את עצם: wonder (ask oneself)

This is just pa'al verbs, but i'll add following posts with more inflexions.
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