Correct English term for Hebrew vowel changes

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Correct English term for Hebrew vowel changes

Postby alon » 2018-01-20, 16:49

What are the commonly accepted English terms for vowel changes in Hebrew word forms causes by stress change, like

דָּבָר -> דְּבָרִים -> דִּבְרֵי?

Like, can one say that a kamatz is "reduced" into a shva, or that a kamatz "drops out", or that the first shva then "turns into" a chirik?

Also, what is the best way to say about a "vowel change" to make sure it is understood as the difference between two forms of a word (or a word and a word derived from that one) and not e.g. as a historical vowel change?

I have searched the internet and could not find any established terms for these things (or any decent English-language source that discusses these vowel changes, except Gesenius, which only covers Biblical Hebrew) - so I had to ask these questions here.

Thank you very much!

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Re: Correct English term for Hebrew vowel changes

Postby caleteu » 2018-01-21, 13:21

I only have Gesenius in German, but I assume that the translation uses the standard linguistic terminology, which would be the same for modern Hebrew. As to the term which designates vowel changes not due to pronunciation, I think you mean "vowel gradation" which is a standard vowel change which distinguishes various forms (for example Hifil, Piel, etc).
As for modern grammars, I don't know whether Glinert dicusses that much morphology, Coffin/Bolozky doesn't.
Yours, cambron

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