Noun Gender

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Noun Gender

Postby BoomBoomStix » 2017-02-13, 15:30

Hi, I have a question about noun gender when the word has two nouns. Which word dictates the gender, the former or latter? I understand that this is a construct chain, but I don't know how to form an accompanying adjective. Male or female. Also, if one were to make it plural, how would it be done? Again, first or second word. Thanks for your time.


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Re: Noun Gender

Postby caleteu » 2017-02-15, 20:35

The "construct phrase" or smichut is rather like compound nouns in English, but In Hebrew both nouns retain their own gender and number. Either noun can take an adjective which follows the complete phrase -- The adjective does not follow its head noun directly -- but agrees with its head noun in gender, number and definiteness.
סוס הבת הטובה would be: the horse of the good daughter
The good horse of the daughter would be סוס הבת הטוב
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