The name 'Tirza' in Hebrew

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The name 'Tirza' in Hebrew

Postby ninjarno » 2016-05-12, 6:25

Hi all,

I'm looking for the hebrew writing of the name 'Tirza' (no 'h' at the end). Since my knowledge of the language is limited, I was hoping someone could help me explain some of the differences I find:

If my search is correctly:

- the name Tirzah (with the 'h' at the end) is written: תרצה (Wikipedia / Google translate)

- the name of the city Tirzah is written: תִּרְצָה (Wikipedia)
(why the extra's inside/underneath the letters?)

- the name Tirza (without the 'h' at the end) is written: תירזה (Google translate)

If I understand hebrew correctly, there is no difference in pronunciation of תרצה and תירזה correct? Much like there is no difference in Tirza compared to Tirzah (silent 'h').

But can I also use תרצה for the name Tirza? Or does the hebrew imply that there is a written 'h' at the end in English, even when it's not pronounced?


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Re: The name 'Tirza' in Hebrew

Postby Golv » 2016-05-12, 19:58

The "extra" are diacritic marks that are used to indicate vowels in order to aid reading when necessary (generally speaking, the Hebrew script doesn't have vowel letters).

Either Google Translate didn't recognize the spelling you used and simply transliterated what you wrote into Hebrew, as it would often do with unfamiliar words, or it chose a spelling which reflects the way the name is pronounced in your language [/the input language you chose].
The Hebrew script is very phonemic; תירצה and תירזה would be read differently.

If you want the original Hebrew spelling of the name, then it should be either תירצה or תרצה. If you want something that reflects the pronunciation of the name in your language, תירזה might be a more accurate representation (although not immediately recognizable by Hebrew speakers).

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Re: The name 'Tirza' in Hebrew

Postby UlpanOr » 2016-05-31, 7:57

The name Tirza comes from the bible in the book of Isaiah 44:14
Tirza is Literally a genus of about 30 species of trees. In English it is called Tilia.

Best Regards

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