Conjugation of הוגה

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Conjugation of הוגה

Postby Lapoo » 2015-11-07, 11:06

Hello, I'd like to ask a question about the verb הוגה, in particular I would like to know if it is a root and if גה is one of its conjugations.

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Re: Conjugation of הוגה

Postby Hadronic » 2015-11-15, 17:11

הוגה can be read in two manners :
- /hoge/, meaning "thinker" or "(he) thinks", from root h-g-y, qal pattern, present tense.
- /hugah/, with sounded final /h/, meaning "was proof-read", from root n-g-h, hif'il pattern, past passive. Pretty rare. (no, before you ask, there isn't such a thing as binyanim "huf'al").

In any event, none of them have גה as one of its conjugation forms.
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