How to get started in Hebrew

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How to get started in Hebrew

Postby Wishful Learner » 2012-07-22, 18:10


I've given into my cravings and decided to study Hebrew for a little bit, because it looks just too interesting not to study. Except I don't really know where to start once I have the alphabet down. What have other learners used to get into the language from a very very basically level?

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Re: How to get started in Hebrew

Postby Teutonius » 2012-07-28, 22:38

Im just trying to learn it here and via facebook. You coud join my group: its name is Ivrit!

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Re: How to get started in Hebrew

Postby alex670 » 2012-08-03, 14:54


I am also interested in learning Hebrew. I've been told that there is Biblical Hebrew and modern Hebrew and they are both very different. Is this so, and If I study modern Hebrew as it is spoken and written today will I be able to understand biblical Hebrew?


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Re: How to get started in Hebrew

Postby Babelfish » 2012-08-03, 15:00

There have been discussions about it in this forum... As a native speaker, I can understand Biblical Hebrew without much difficulty, but we do study the Bible in school. For foreigners I wouldn't expect it to be too easy. However, modern Hebrew grammar is based on the Biblical, so the problems should be grammar features having dropped out of use, syntax and vocabulary.
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Re: How to get started in Hebrew

Postby Mikey93 » 2012-08-15, 23:08

Shalom ;)

Once You're done with Alephbet, I would suggest buying a textbook (as there are not many no free resources for learning Hebrew available :( )
For translating you can use Morfix dictionary:
Here are some verbs fully conjugated in all the tenses:
And some essential phrases:

Although I would recommend purchasing these books:
Colloquial Hebrew: The Complete Course for Beginners
The Routledge Introductory Course in Modern Hebrew
by G. Etzion
Barron's 501 Hebrew Verbs (There are actually 1580 Hebrew Verbs, grouped in 565 roots)
Modern Hebrew An Essential Grammar
at amazon or even better at bookdepository
Native: (sk) (cs)
Advanced: (en)
Intermediate:(fr) (he)
Beginner: (ar) (es)

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