for Hebrew speakers mostly, but check it out anyways!


for Hebrew speakers mostly, but check it out anyways!

Postby tflath2 » 2002-09-21, 21:22

I was wondering about a tranlation. If any of you have or know where to find the original hebrew old testament text, could you look something up for me? When it says that God created the world in 7 days, the word it uses for "day", is it accurate? Does it mean 24 hours or is it more general like a time period? How does it describe creation? Thanks for your help,


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Postby NulNuk » 2002-09-22, 4:10

an Hebrew day dont have hours , the day starts in the evening after
you can see the first three stars in the sky ,so every day can have
a diferent amount of hours ,I`m not sure ,but I think the Greeks
were the first to divide the day in hours .
and yes, the bible defenetly sayes day ("Yom"),and even explaine
the day starts in the evening ,and ends in the morning ,and that
he call the lighted time "Yom" (day) .
a time that includs the Lighted time and the darked time togueder
(or todays 24 hours) is called "Yimama " ,but this word didnt existed
then yet ,so the word "yom" (day) ,is used for both ,the lighted time ,
and the piriod between the evening till the morning next .
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