Resources for Learning Korean

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Resources for Learning Korean

Postby parousia » 2005-12-20, 13:44

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Parousia sings "These are a few of my favorite links..."

사전/dictionary ... ox&x=0&y=0

(You can enter a word (or sometimes just a particle) in both English and Korean. If you enter a Korean word, it must be typed in hangul.)

Intermediate Lessons ... /index.htm


(I find the streaming video of the news stories kind of slow on my computer, but the nice thing is that you can read the transcript of what the broadcaster says as you watch.)


Select South Korea and try 'EBS Sat,' which is an educational channel for Korean students.

That's all I have for now.. :oops:

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Postby asdas » 2005-12-20, 16:53

Thanks :)

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