Korean vowels

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Korean vowels

Postby unrelatedwaffle » 2005-12-03, 21:42

I'm doing a project for my linguistics class focusing on Korean. We have to make a list of words that illustrate every sound Korean makes. It was quite easy to find minimal trios to constrast consonants, but I'm having a miserable time trying to find minimal sets for vowels. For example, in English one would have heed, head, hawd, who'd, etc. to illustrate all the vowels. Is this sort of combination just not available in Korean? I need one-syllable words that illustrate all the vowels and dipthongs in Korean. If anyone could help me, that would be wonderful, as I'm getting very frustrated.

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Postby parousia » 2005-12-04, 7:57

I'm not sure that I understand what you need. Do you just need one syllable words like 차 to illustrate the vowel ㅏ (which sounds like the o in 'hot' in AE)?

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Postby Ellif » 2005-12-09, 6:17

I think It's not exists -_-;
I tried to find these voca. but.. in this situation..


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