Korean phonetics

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Postby Kirk » 2005-07-26, 8:36

Thanks for those recordings, JunMing! I wasn't able to pick out where they're from (not that I'd be good at that anyway) but I think those recordings pretty accurately describe the sounds as I learned them in my Korean classes.
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Postby parousia » 2005-08-02, 20:41

I only detected very slight differences between the two speakers' pronunciations:

어 in "first sound"

어 (very slight) in "second sound"
오 in "second sound" - the guy sometimes sounded like he was putting a w in front, like "wo"

no discernable difference in "third sound"
no discernable difference in "fourth sound"

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Postby Partisan » 2007-12-22, 12:34

I don't distinguish difference into [ɛ] and [æ].

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Postby Karavinka » 2007-12-22, 21:50

Partisan wrote:I don't distinguish difference into [ɛ] and [æ].

Most Seoulites don't distinguish ㅐ and ㅔ either.
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Postby Tomii515 » 2007-12-24, 22:49

I don't knwo if this has been asnwered, but if it has, I'll jsut repeat it:

ㄹ - the way I see it:

ㄹ - before a vowel, /ɾ/
ㄹ - before nothing/consonant, /ɺ/ or /ɭ/

or something liek that

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