Korean text snippet (Korean Decimal Classification)

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Korean text snippet (Korean Decimal Classification)

Postby Kess » 2005-05-11, 23:39

In a librarian studies project we are writing about libraries and writing systems. And we would be extremely happy if someone could translate this part! (We're curious about the years...)

한국도서관협회의 분류분과위원회에서 우리나라에서 이미 사용되고 있던 분류표를 한국 실정에 적합하도록 편찬하여 1964년에 그 초판이 발행된 한국의 표준 분류표이다. 그 후 1966년 수정판(제2판) 발행, 1980년 본표와 상관 색인을 분리하여 2책으로 된 제3판 발행, 1990년부터 제3판의 개정에 착수하여 1996년에 제4판을 발행하였다.

Source: http://phose.co.kr/book_data_file.php

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Postby LCommi » 2005-05-15, 22:21

I'm still learning Korean and I can't yet translate it.
This is what I got out of Altavista's Babelfish:

In order to be suitable in the Korean actual condition, the side it kicks the classified list which from the classification subcommittee of Korean library association is being used already from our country to do and it is a standard classified list of Korea where that first edition is published at 1964. 1966 Soo Jung Pan after that (2nd it sold and) publication, 1980 2 books and to separate the ticket which it sees and a higher officer index, it became 3rd to opening a court of the 3rd petal and and the 4th petal at 1996 the publication which sells, from 1990 it started it published.

Doesn't sound like it's all that interesting...

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Postby xizenix » 2005-05-16, 12:51

1964, we published the first edition.
1966, we published the modified(second) edition.
1980, we published the third edition that is separated two books(main index and correlation(interrelation) index).
<I'm not sure the translation of labrary terms.>
1990, we started modifing the third edition,
1996, we published the fourth edition.

Sorry,,,for my poor english,,and I am not sure my translation is correct.
My english is not good...

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