Little translation for a broken heart..

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Little translation for a broken heart..

Postby lama su » 2017-01-26, 8:13

Hello everyone..

I am writing to you because I just broke up with my girlfriend, who is Korean, and was thinking to write her a letter, starting it in Korean. Problem: i don't speak the language :-p
Can you thus help me translating this little bit?
I am interested in the meaning, it has to mean this, it is not important that it is word-by-word. Feel free to change it is you think in korean it could be better to say any of these sentences in another way.

Thank you in advance :-)

here it is:

"I miss you.
i crazily miss you.
In these days I was thinking that you are really unique for me: I never felt so well with someone as with you. And you know, I still cannot find anything I don’t like in you.
And what you said makes me think you do like me as well.
And then I am Aries, I am stubborn, I cannot just let you go like this.
I cannot and don’t want to just lose you."

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