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Translation in korean

Posted: 2016-05-28, 3:02
by Caseumamatores

I need help to translate word into korean language with big font because i want to have it inked to my body as a tattoo, the word is "indomitable spirit".

I hope anyone can help me with this, thank you.

Best regards,

Re: Translation in korean

Posted: 2016-06-11, 0:10
by silvereuro999

The literal translation of 'indomitable spirit' is:

불굴의 정신

I think it sounds okay, but if you have friends who are native Korean speakers,
try asking how the phrase sounds.
Both words are very abstract, and I just want you to have the perfect word with the exact nuance.

For example, there is a Korean word '투혼' which literally translates as 'fighting spirit'.
The translation sounds TERRIBLE, and no one would say that in western languages, but it is commonly used.
You can see that several translations of 'spirit' can exist, and a one-to-one translation may not do justice.
I think that the more opinions you can have from Korean speakers, the better.

Re: Translation in korean

Posted: 2016-08-12, 5:19
by justinwon
As a native Korean speaker, I feel that
feels more handsome than
불굴의 정신

But I'm not saying that 불굴의 정신 sounds weird. It is just that Koreans usually prefer shorter because they think shorter words make greater effect than verbose ones.

Also, for your tattoo, I recommend using different font from ones used in websites like this.
A famous Korean font called 궁서체 (gung-seo-che) looks cooler than generic website fonts.