Can someone please translate this?

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Can someone please translate this?

Postby c___w » 2016-04-17, 13:30

어떤 출입 제한이요??

Google translates this as 'what are you confined' or something and it doesn't make sense. Is this slang? Thanks

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Re: Can someone please translate this?

Postby silvereuro999 » 2016-05-02, 3:26

Hi, c___w,

I would like to translate it for you, but more context would help.

'출입 제한' means 'limited/restricted access'.
(in military terminology, it can also be 'limited access authorization (LAA)')
A common phrase is '출입 제한 구역 (area)', which means 'restricted area.'

The whole phrase "어떤 출입 제한이요??" means "What (kind of) 'limited/restricted access' (are you talking about)??"

Without context, it is an awkward phrase,
but it looks like someone is demanding an explanation for some restricted access that he was not aware of.

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