Unilang's Korean Phonology Page - trouble

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Unilang's Korean Phonology Page - trouble

Postby MMan » 2009-05-22, 22:36

Is anyone else having trouble seeing this page and its sub-pages properly:


I can see at most half of the Korean characters. Depending on the browser or encoding I select, I see the rest as question marks, boxes, or odd sets of obviously non-Korean characters (like Russian letters, circled numerals, etc.)

I'm not having trouble viewing Korean anywhere else on the web that I can find.

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Re: Unilang's Korean Phonology Page - trouble

Postby Myeong » 2009-08-04, 20:46

This page, like the wiki as a whole, has been having many issues. The encoding is wrong, and I reckon the person in charge of it passed away a few years ago... :lol:
So don't really look for anything of value there. OTOH the resources section is well maintained and contains a few links, this is probably the place where you need to be looking for such information! :wink:

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