Pronounciation Difference: ㅅ & ㅆ

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Pronounciation Difference: ㅅ & ㅆ

Postby frequentflyer120 » 2008-11-24, 0:49

Can any native speakers help me with understanding the difference between 시옷 and 쌍시옷?
I am able to hear the difference and pronounce the other tensed and aspirated letters (ㅂ,ㅃ,ㄷ,ㄸ,ㄱ,ㄲ, and so on...) but I can't make my tongue imitate the correct sounds for ㅅand ㅆ. Any suggestions?


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Re: Pronounciation Difference: ㅅ & ㅆ

Postby polishboy » 2008-12-24, 13:34

sometimes it is like st.
I heard it as istoyo.
I think you can try to listen to on online courses with aidio files.
or site or sogang university for laenring Korean (these sites are my favourite fro learnign Korean).

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