Song "Hellfire" in Icelandic - help with words usage

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Song "Hellfire" in Icelandic - help with words usage

Postby giulia_b » 2014-02-08, 21:54

Hi everyone :)
I didn't know where to ask for help, the translation or question topic, because I need help both with translation and etymology/usage of some words, and the premise is a bit long, so I opened a new topic.
In case it's not okay, I apologize.

I'm doing a brief thesis for an exam about translation, and the subject will be the Disney song "Hellfire" from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and its adaptation in Italian, German and Russian (I'm Italian, and I study the other two languages).
I don't know Icelandic, but I saw on youtube the Icelandic version of the song with English translation ( and I thought it would be interesting to mention that in that specific language they adapted the lyrics making them darker and adding swear words.

But to do that I need some clarification about the original text - online there are a few Icelandic-English dictionaries, and in none of them I found the words I was looking for.

In particular "Drósin/Dræsan" are translated as "tart/slut" which seems quite a crude language for a kid-friendly movie. Are those the correct translations? Are they old words, what is/was their usage?

Thanks for reading, I know this looks a bit of a weird topic but I hope someone can help me :D


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Re: Song "Hellfire" in Icelandic - help with words usage

Postby Jurgen Wullenwever » 2014-02-08, 22:38

My Icelandic-Swedish dictionary says that drós means 'slut' in everyday speech, but 'woman' in poetic usage.

Dræsa means 'rag' and 'the lowest part of the skirt that touches the ground'.
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