Help with a song

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Help with a song

Postby dtvrij74 » 2013-08-13, 0:54

Halló allir!
^ that's probably grammatically wrong
I read somewhere that singing in a language is a good way to improve your language. I'm trying to learn some Icelandic. The problem is, what happens when you don't know the lyrics to a song and can't find them? That's the problem I'm having right now. The song in question is this one. Link!

(Sorry I can't post a direct video or else it wouldn't start at 0:47)

I've got the lyrics for the first part of the song, up to when they say
"og hún mun kannski segja vinum sínum
frá laginu sem að þú sendir henni í dag"

Ég myndi vera ánægð ef einhver hjálpar mér!
I would be very happy if somebody helped me transcribe the rest.

Disclaimer: No, I won't post a video of me singing. I'm very self-conscious about singing :p
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