íslenska for en nordmann.

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íslenska for en nordmann.

Postby EinarJ » 2011-10-19, 15:01


I really want to learn icelandic, is there any course material or books available in norwegian/danish for this purpose. I'm fluent in english, the problem is more that learning a language via another is... not my favoured solution.

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Re: íslenska for en nordmann.

Postby ex-mortis » 2011-10-20, 19:59

Icelandic textbooks in Danish seem much more plausible to me, but there may be some in Norwegian if you look hard enough. I couldn't say unfortunately.

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Re: íslenska for en nordmann.

Postby Heimdal » 2011-10-22, 21:00

I'm also intrested in learning Icelandic. Have so far found no books in Norwegian, unfortunaly.

I'm currently reading "Beginner's Icelandic" by Hilmisdóttir and Kozlowski. It's the only "learn a language"-book that I have ever bought\read so I can't say if it's any good or not. But it's a nice introduction to the Icelandic grammar.

Anyway: If you find something, please post here.

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