Book Suggestions

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Book Suggestions

Postby Pandora » 2011-04-07, 9:25


So, this may sound really weird (especially as this is my first post on the Icelandic part of the forum and Icelandic isn't a language I'm currently studying, though it does interest me), but I may just get a chance to go to Iceland for a few days, a rare opportunity to get some books in Icelandic. I'm less worried about language-teaching books, as those are usually available outside of the country, but actual fiction written in the language—a bit more tricky to come by.

As lame as I am, I already know I want Harry Potter (I have a weird collection of that series in multiple languages).

Any other books I should grab? Maybe a saga or. . .something else? As nice as translations are, a book originally written in Icelandic would be quite nice.

Sorry for this strange little question. ^^;
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Re: Book Suggestions

Postby csjc » 2011-04-27, 10:21

There's a lot of good literature written in Icelandic. I'd recommend you take a look at Sögueyjan Ísland and see what appeals to you. Many works of modern Icelandic literature have been translated into English and you should be able to find those on Amazon should you choose to work with an original text alongside a translation.
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Re: Book Suggestions

Postby RickyWright » 2011-06-20, 14:26

I have always been attracted by Icelandic literature! It is very interesting and impressive.
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