Declination of the pronoun "andere"

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Declination of the pronoun "andere"

Postby R@re! » 2020-04-29, 18:49

Could someone tell me the specific terminations used for declining the pronoun "andere"?

There's plenty of sites that display the terminations for the article variant of the word(artikelwort) and none that shows how the pronoun variant is declined, which I find odd.

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Re: Declination of the pronoun "andere"

Postby linguoboy » 2020-04-30, 1:09

There’s only one declension. The “pronoun” form is just an adjective acting as a noun. You use the same endings.

Wie sehen mich die anderen Menschen? “How do other people see me?”
Wie sehen mich die anderen? “How do others see me?”
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