Assimil and WWII

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Assimil and WWII

Postby Iamlikerey » 2020-04-22, 0:20

I am trying to find out... which year did Assimil publish a German course for French speakers that had a lot of funny humor against the Nazi leaders? I know it would have had to have been somewhere between 1938-1945. I want to get the L‘allemand sans peine course from that exact year. In order to write my own series of dystopian fantasy novels, I am studying extensively history of the Third Reich (a very exciting riveting topic while often heartbreaking at the same time) and I am learning German in the process. I just ordered a 1938 German course book as well as a 1942 one. I also ordered the advanced course from 1944. I know these will be really priceless courses especially since Assimil uses lots of humor in their courses and reflects the exact moods of the cultural time period and it motivates you to learn the language all the more. If anyone knows which year Assimil got accused by the Germans in the Vichy court during WWII, I’d like to know so I can get exactly the book for that year when the course was published.
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