translation request :)

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translation request :)

Postby woopwoop » 2019-12-18, 3:23

i’m working on an anthropology assignment, if you could translate is i’d appreciate it!! : “I am defined by my life experiences”
thank you !!

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Re: translation request :)

Postby kevin » 2019-12-18, 8:54

Don't you want to make an attempt yourself first? We're happy to help when you struggle with something, but we're not a translation service, but a forum of language learners and enthusiasts.

To give us more context for the sentence, I must say, I'm curious how you would use a sentence translated into a foreign language in an assignment? It would be obvious for using sources in a foreign language, but translating into a foreign language seems surprising unless you want to make a point about how that language specifically expresses an idea.

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