I have given up so many times on my German. But I am trying again!

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I have given up so many times on my German. But I am trying again!

Postby Karl_vin » 2019-08-06, 21:18

First time using a Forum here. A new way for me to motivate myself to keep going in this improving/learning process.
I am trying many possibilities now.

I have been living in Berlin for for over 7 years and I have been communicating and working more in English than German. So, I was feeling that I was losing the language again somehow, and honestly I am not happy about it.
I got a C1 some years ago to got at university here, but now after some years, I can realize that just having a good and nice conversation with my German friends is getting a bit more complicated, because I have been working too much only in English here. It's not nice. So, I decided to have a complete new approach with my German:
- I decide to meet and find more people who are in this same situation and maybe we could help each other. (So because of that I decided to write in a Forum, let's see if it's gonna work)
- I decided to create a personal project that I could be focused in my German learning daily somehow together with a friend who wanna learn my language (If you wanna know a bit more about this personal project or wanna join me, I just wrote a post on Linkedin explaning a bit about it: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/carlos-v ... 06848-9NGC)

If you have any tips or if you are in the same situation somehow, let me know.

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