Translating Alfred Döblin's introduction to Antlitz der Zeit (niveau B2)

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Translating Alfred Döblin's introduction to Antlitz der Zeit (niveau B2)

Postby buzzin77 » 2019-04-02, 18:50


I am translating Alfred Döblin's introduction to the 1929 photo book, "Das Antlitz der Zeit," by August Sander, as an exercise at level B2. I have a sentence that is puzzling me. It has to do with the death mask made from the "Unbekannte," the unidentified young woman pulled from the Seine River at the end of the 18th century. This death mask is notable because it was used as a muse for many artists, and the peaceful look on her face stands in stark contrast to the initial shock of drowning. It is the last clause that I cannot figure out:

Was nach der anfänglichen Verzweiflung und dem kurzen Entsetzen des Erstickens kam, das sehen wir jetzt auf dem Bild, auf ihrem Gesicht, und darum hat man sie nicht einfach wie die Hunderte dieser Morgue bei Seite geschafft.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks very much! If you would like to read more about the death mask, there is a very interesting article by the New York Times here: ... ffaut.html

Best regards from South Carolina, USA!


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