"Auf" used for public places?

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"Auf" used for public places?

Postby R@re! » 2019-04-01, 18:16

Wie komme ich auf die Lorenzkirche?


Wie komme ich in die Lorenzkirche?

I read somewhere that "auf" can be used when talking about public locations and knowing that "bank" and"markt" are compatible with "auf" I thought that "Kirche" was as well until recently. Are there any other public spaces that can use "auf" as a preposition? Maybe "schule"? :hmm:

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Re: "Auf" used for public places?

Postby kevin » 2019-04-01, 21:32

"auf die Lorenzkirche" implies to me that you're trying to climb on the roof of the church. "in die Lorenzkirche" means that you know where it is, but you don't have the keys or something and wondering how you get inside. If you just want to know where the church is, I'd say "Wie komme ich zur Lorenzkirche?"

"auf die Schule" is used, but it means that you're not just visiting the building, but you attend the school. If it's about the location, you go "in die Schule".

You can go "auf die Bank", "auf die Post" (but also "zur Bank", "zur Post"), "auf den Bahnhof", "aufs Rathaus", "auf ein Fest", "auf ein Konzert", "auf ein Turnier" and probably many other things.

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