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Help With German Homework

Posted: 2019-02-10, 23:19
by dezc123
Hello! I am currently learning German in high school and our first project is about daily routine. I need a teenager who is a native German speaker to help me out and send me their daily routine. It is important that the person is a teenager because I will be comparing their routine to my own for the project. The daily routine can be written in English or German, I will translate it anyway.

Here is an example of what I am asking for:

7:00 I wake up
7:15 I take a shower
7:30 I get dressed
7:45 I eat breakfast
8:00 I go to school
8:30 I go to math class
14:00 I go home
18:00 I play football with my friends.
22:00 I go to sleep