Etymology of 'kehren'

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Etymology of 'kehren'

Postby Sebastians » 2017-01-24, 20:57


In Finnic languages (Estonian as an example here) and German, the following words can be seen as somewhat synonymous:

Keere - Kehre
Keerama - Kehren

However, at least the Estonian Etymological Dictionary claims that it is a Finnic root (kīerõ, tšeertää, kiertää, keertää etc) and thence not a German loan. German dictionaries, as far as I've seen, only reffer to its first registered usage in the 8th century.

Maybe someone with a philological interest has an idea of the connection these words might have?

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Re: Etymology of 'kehren'

Postby linguoboy » 2017-01-24, 21:31

I thought the consensus was that it derives from PGmc *karzijaną, itself from PIE *gers "bend, turn" and the source of OE ċierran "turn". Cf. also Dutch keer "turn, occasion", English chore.
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Re: Etymology of 'kehren'

Postby vijayjohn » 2017-02-05, 7:18

Yeah, I don't think there's a connection. The resemblance between the Finnic languages and German here seems to be a mere coincidence.

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