German grammar guide for beginners

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German grammar guide for beginners

Postby Amol » 2016-11-27, 18:20

Hello friends, I am learning German for the Goethe institute certification exam and I am proud to announce that my mom, who completed her masters in German, has published her book called "German Grammar Guide" on Amazon kindle platform. She has had a lot of training and teaching experience and I can assure that this book will really prove to be very useful for anyone learning German. It has been presented in a very easy to understand language. For more details, do check out the given link. Please spread the word and be kind enough to leave a positive review and rating for the book: (The link may vary according to the country. For eg. In Germany, the book is available on ... rds=german grammar&qid=1480268347&ref_=sr_1_6&s=books&sr=1-6

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