Essay - Germans and the Internet

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Essay - Germans and the Internet

Postby JPerry » 2014-08-26, 21:18

Good evening, everyone.

I'm in the process of preparing for my AS Level German qualification, and part of the qualification is an essay. The essay is on a subject of our choice, as long as it fits within a broader topic that we are given. The three topics I am trying to fit my essay into are "Too Much Information?", "The World Of Communication", and "The Everyday Routine". I want to write about how the German people use the Internet and integrate into the English domain of the Internet, whereas speakers of other major languages tend to stay within their own "section" of the Internet - that is, where everything is in their native language.

Does anyone have any ideas as to how to go about this? What points to mention, studies to cite, and the like? I'd really appreciate it if you could lend a helping hand!

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