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German Language Learning Log

Postby dtvrij74 » 2014-04-01, 2:27

I'm a bit apprehensive of posting to a forum, but I also would like to keep track of the progress (or the lack thereof) learning German.

Basically, I've been kind of learning and abandoning German for the past few years and am currently somewhere around level A1 (although I scored a 98% on the A1 online exam, I'm not too confident). I'm planning on taking the German A2 or B1 exam some time this year. Recently however, I watched a video series about a lady who learned German in 15 days and took the B1 exam, which made me realize how terrible I am at committing to a goal (and at making goals...). So anyways, here is roughly the resources I'm using:

[*] Unilang
[*] a ton of German graded readers (around 5 or 6) for A1 and A2 level students
[*] Deutsch Warum Nicht (radio course: A1 level to B1, or so it claims)
[*] Duolingo (I'm ~half way through the course, it will take me a few months to finish, supposedly it teaches up to almost a B1 level, but it's seriously lacking in communication skills)
[*] Deutsch Interaktiv (online course from A1-B1, weird user interface, but teaches essential skills such as reading comprehension, writing/production, vocabulary, grammar)
[*] Textbook series called "Deutsch Aktuell" and two accompanying workbooks (honestly not a really good resource, it's collecting dust on my bookshelf)

Right now, I've been doing a few Duolingo lessons per day. I sometimes listen to an episode of Deutsch, Warum Nicht. I also do some Deutsch Interaktiv every week. I also might start reading one of the German graded readers I have. I've also watched the whole TV series "Deutsch Plus" on YouTube and found it pretty engrossing. Maybe I will watch it again, only this time without the German subtitles.

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