Recommendation for a German textbook (beginner level)

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Recommendation for a German textbook (beginner level)

Postby Gemuse » 2013-09-21, 0:13

I have been taking a beginner intensive German course at a Goethe Institute in Germany for 3 weeks.
The book we have been following has been disappointing (its more like a workbook for kids, not much text). The teacher has to explain a lot of stuff on the whiteboard, and also explain by talking.

The book we have been following is:

EDIT: URL is not being processed above, so here is the US link: ... 3464207072

Can anyone recommend a better textbook which has more explanations, and more text?
If the book has english explanations, it would be a plus.

I will be at the Institute for another 5 weeks, and I am afraid they will continue using this book, so I need to find a replacement.


I was browsing the bookstore today, and the following text seemed better:

Any recommendations on whether it would be useful to buy this (and also for A2) text?
Another option is to ignore these fully German texts, do the best I can in class, and
supplement with Assimil (I really like the book and method), and other English-German
self study resources. But I thought since I would be at the institute anyway for 5 more
weeks, it might pay off with such a German text.

On a related note any opinions on the following books:Übungsbuch-Europä ischer-

Dictionaries (which one would be the best?):ülerwörterbuch-Englisch-Engli sch-Deutsch-Deutsch-

PS: I will continue my study of German in Germany after the Goethe intensive course

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