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Postby JPerry » 2011-08-06, 10:27

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Re: Skype

Postby Lex1988Spain » 2011-08-09, 20:01

That's a good idea.
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Re: Skype

Postby ''' » 2012-06-16, 22:42

why nto join the skype chatroom? we have a germanic one set up. PM myself, or johanna, or hashi, or a few others if you need someoen to get you in
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Re: Skype

Postby Nukalurk » 2012-06-18, 11:18

DJMonty, oh, you had never expressed your wish to speak in German, at least I can’t remember it. I don’t have enough time for real tutoring, though.

Why are the potential partners are supposed to be fluent English speakers? Wouldn’t it be better to have a mutual learning experience?

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Re: Skype

Postby Cytostream » 2012-10-20, 20:13

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Re: Skype

Postby xxicedragon » 2012-10-21, 9:50

I am a german but I speak english not perfect.

It´s your choice = ) (If you would like,you can send me a message here)
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Re: Skype

Postby Ratuat » 2012-12-29, 20:27

hallo! ich brauche auch jemand um mein Deutsch zu verbessern. wenn jemand Zeit und Lust hat um zu chat, würde das fantastisch )

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Re: Skype

Postby Irina 17 » 2014-02-22, 20:53

Ich brauche kontakt per Skype und E-meil. Ich will Deutsch studieren. Wenn jemand mit mir umgehen wollen wird, werde Ich sehr froh sein))

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Re: Skype

Postby Amanda_30 » 2014-07-15, 7:45

Hallo :D
ich suche auch eine nette Person, die Lust und Zeit hatte, mit mir ab und zu per Skype auf Deutsch zu sprechen :idea:

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