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Re: Guide to Danish pronunciation and phonetics

Postby miae » 2013-06-13, 17:44

I was looking through the whole Danish forum and most of the links are already dead. Now this below looked especially interesting, so if anyone still has this document, please be so kind and share it again.

SImon Gray wrote:If it is of any interest, I've started a small guide on Danish pronunciation (specifically, the Copenhagen dialect). It's only a short document right now and I haven't really studied the science behind languages so excuse me if the terms in use are somewhat colloquial rather than technical.

I began writing this because I was interested in mapping my vision of a reform of Danish spelling which is based on pronunciation rather than regularity (kinda like Nynorsk). Here is a PDF and an ODT (unless you use OpenOffice.org, you probably want the PDF):

http://monkeyblog.org/sprog/Standard%20 ... t%20d1.pdf

http://monkeyblog.org/sprog/Standard%20 ... t%20d1.odt

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