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Is there a place in Copenhagen called Kubik?

Posted: 2013-10-21, 21:57
by Rokas

Myself I'm studying Swedish, not Danish, but this time I need some help from Danes (or people who live in Copenhagen).

I am translating an excerpt from a Swedish novel Välkommen till den här världen (Welcome to this world) by Amanda Svensson. The thing is, the plot of this novel evolves in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, and there is one reality related to the city of Copenhagen or the country of Denmark which my knowledge in Swedish cannot "resolve".

The protagonist of the story speaks about how she met a man named Simon in a place called Kubik (Jag hittade honom igår kväll på Kubik = I ran into him yesterday evening på Kubik). What is this Kubik thing? Is it a famous restaurant/cafe/night club etc. in Copenhagen? A well-known square? Something else?

(another one, Fyn, I managed to decode to be an island that belongs to Denmark)