Dictionary with IPA

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Dictionary with IPA

Postby Luís » 2012-08-22, 13:25

Does anyone know of a good bilingual Danish-English* dictionary with phonetic transcriptions?

* It can also be Danish-French, Danish-Spanish or Danish-Portuguese, I'm not picky! :P
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Re: Dictionary with IPA

Postby n0de » 2012-08-22, 17:08

I'd like to know of one myself, so I apologize for not having a good book to suggest. I can say to stay away from Berlitz though, as it gives you some bastardized "sounds about right" pronunciation of the word instead of the more useful IPA.

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Re: Dictionary with IPA

Postby Psi-Lord » 2012-08-22, 20:53

If everything else fails, Luís, the (English) Wiktionary does provide IPA transcriptions for (some?) Danish words, so it might serve you fine until you hopefully find better materials.
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Re: Dictionary with IPA

Postby HoneyBuzzard » 2012-08-25, 2:54

It wouldn't help much with translations, but as long as you know the Danish word, Den Danske Ordbog has (very broad) IPA.

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Re: Dictionary with IPA

Postby gfl87 » 2013-02-03, 3:29

I know the (monolingual) "Dansk udtale".
I have a scannerised version of 1990 edition.

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