Danish-Greenlandic newspapers

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Danish-Greenlandic newspapers

Postby juicypuffin » 2011-08-09, 17:36

Hey, if no one wants these newspapers I'm throwing them out. I have Danish-Greenlandic ones (so most articles that are in Danish are also in Greenlandic, and vice-versa). Cost is $3, because that's how much it costs to mail them.

I also have Faroese, Icelandic, and Finnish newspapers if anyone's interested in those.
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Re: Danish-Greenlandic newspapers

Postby n0de » 2011-08-21, 14:43

I'd very much be interested in this! How much extra would you want in conjunction with the Danish-Greenlandic newspapers if you were to include some Icelandic ones? Thanks. :D

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