Jeg er en nybegynder

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Jeg er en nybegynder

Postby fottry55i6 » 2010-11-06, 2:26

Jeg taler meget lidt Dansk (was I even supposed to capitalize that?) :hmm:

I just started learning Danish and I have no idea where to start. Looking at some Danish text kind of scares me but I really want to be able to fluently speak it.
Any ideas?

Thanks in advance! :D

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Re: Jeg er en nybegynder

Postby maikengj » 2010-11-10, 1:10

Great that you want to learn Danish :D

Since I'm Danish myself, I don't know anything about learning materials - which are good or bad, but you need to know (maybe you already do) that spoken Danish is very far from written Danish.
If you want to speak it fluently, the best way is to come to Denmark for a year or so.

Good luck with the learning.

PS: language names (like weekdays & month) are not capitalized in Danish.
Native: [flag]dk[/flag]
Fluent: [flag]en[/flag]/[flag]us[/flag]
Different degrees of knowledge: [flag]no[/flag][flag]sv[/flag][flag]es[/flag][flag]de[/flag]
Beginner: [flag]el[/flag][flag]pl[/flag]
Hopefully in the future: [flag]hy[/flag][flag]ka[/flag][flag]is[/flag][flag]et[/flag][flag]tr[/flag][flag]fa[/flag][flag]ga[/flag][flag]lt[/flag][flag]hu[/flag][flag]sr[/flag][flag]it[/flag][flag]ar[/flag][flag]he[/flag]

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Re: Jeg er en nybegynder

Postby joenycboi » 2010-11-16, 12:59

Hey there,

Some books that have helped me with Danish are:

Teach Yourself Danish: Complete Course Package

Beginner's Danish with 2 Audio CDs

This second one is the one I'm currently using. I like the recorded dialogue both spoken normally and then slowed down for repetition because you can hear the differences between rapid speech, and 'correct' pronunciation.

Also, iTunes is an invaluable source for material, with tons of apps, music, and free podcasts on there that you can use. One I highly recommend is:

Learn Danish with Copenhagencast by Louise Sand:
This a great introduction, not only to the language, but also to the culture of Denmark, complete with links to her website which includes sections on vocabulary, exercises, and idiomatic expressions. Additionally, Louise's energy and passion for language and culture is contagious; you really feel like she's right in front of you, talking you through the basics. It's a shame she hasn't continued with the podcast, but she did have a baby recently so I'm sure she's busy.

Also on iTunes are Denmark's radio stations. Search for DR P1, DR P2, DR P3, and DR P4. Obviously since these are radio broadcasts, they're not meant to be educational in the sense that they guide you in the language; they immerse you completely. But that in itself is educational because you can hear actual speakers and how they differ (cf. radio broadcasts from New York and, say, Memphis TN).

There's so much out there, and much more being added every day. I hope these help; let us know!

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