Usage of reich/rike/rige ??

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Usage of reich/rike/rige ??

Postby eltigre » 2009-12-31, 13:24


I would to know about the usage of word reich (rige,rike) in Danmark and its derivatives. and toponyms as well like thise one in Germany/Austria

Historically and contemporary. I know about Rigsdagen. Can you give me some other examples??

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Re: Usage of reich/rike/rige ??

Postby maikengj » 2010-01-02, 16:04

In danish it's called "rige", and is synonymous with "land" and "nation" (country and nation). We don't use "rige" in everyday language, but it's mostly used if you talk about "det Danske Rige" (The Danish Kingdom, wich also include Greenland and the Faroe Islands), or "dyreriget" (the animal kingdom).

The Danish parlament was called Rigsdagen from 1849-1953, but since then it's called Folketinget. The Swedish parlament is called Riksdagen and the German Reichstag.

Hope that I have answered your question(s).
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