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Translation of "sjofle"?

Posted: 2009-09-07, 8:28
by silas
I'd be very gratfeul for help with translating the word "sjofle". I can't find it in the dicitonary ... By google I gather that it's probably something like "sexy", but I really need it confirmed.
Great thanks for all sorts of help!

Re: Translation of "sjofle"?

Posted: 2009-09-07, 11:54
by SImon Gray
the singular is spelled "sjofel" - it should be in there...?

Anyway, we usually use the word to describe sexual jokes. "Sexy", to me, is a way of describing something as sexually attractive, which has nothing to do with the meaning of sjofel. "Sjofel" describes something that has the characteristic of jokingly referring to the gross or funny parts of sex.

Re: Translation of "sjofle"?

Posted: 2009-09-07, 12:11
by silas
O, I see. Great. Mange tak!

Re: Translation of "sjofle"?

Posted: 2009-09-07, 18:36
by hekkenfeldt
Bear in mind, though, that "sjofle" could also be a verb meaning "to treat someone unfairly" or "to do something carelessly and indifferently".