untranslatable danish word

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untranslatable danish word

Postby delosbueis » 2009-02-23, 12:58


With other 3 artists I am working in an art book project that has to do with "untranslatable" words. Languages of Europe but in the broader sense of the word: including big communities living in Europe (Arab, Japanese, Hebrew...)

The "untranslatables" are words that in a particular language express a thought, feeling, etc. that is unique to that culture and cannot be translated as a single word to other languages, but it has to be explained and contextualized.

The book has both a visual and a textual part. We have done a lot of work on the content, and we're now in the final stage where we would like to check with [semi-professional] linguists or very dedicated fans that what we say about each word is clear and accurate, and get any other final input/feedback.

It wouldn't be much work as each word has a short paragraph explanantion and 3 examples of use of one sentence each. So it could be as short as a 5 min. check just to give us that peace of mind.

If any of you out there is interested to have a look at our 1 danish word, please pm me

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Re: untranslatable danish word

Postby sedeki » 2009-11-06, 23:39

Sorry for invading the Danish forum, I am actually Swedish (though my dad is Danish).

There's a Swedish word ("lagom") that might be useful to you.

Sorry, I don't know any Danish word that fits what you're looking for.


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