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Tøsedrengene - "Lamperøg" - lyrics please

Posted: 2008-12-03, 18:46
by synni1
This song is from the early 80s, and I haven't found the lyrics to that anywhere.

So I'm counting on you guys again :)
Seems an interesting lyrics, as it is about a genie (like that in the 'Aladdin' fairy-tale).

Lyrics will be sufficient, translation should be possible via Google translate, which does a VERY good job apart from some ugly quirks. [1]

Thanks in advance.

[1] "Quirks" means that colloquial forms are not accepted at all: gi'r, mer', gi', li', ka', ta'r - those will only result in garbage, so these need to be rewritten first! (e. g. by using a script which produces a temp file you can then feed into Google Translate)